Security & Data Protection

We base our approach to cybersecurity on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, providing a comprehensive set of guidelines for managing cyber risks. We work with our customers holistically in this framework, focusing on solutions in the Detect and Recover functions. We help our customers to identify potential cyber threats early, and respond quickly to minimize the impact of any incidents. We also help develop recovery strategies to restore systems and processes to normal operations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why Choose AniSoft

Complete Protection: Inside & Out

AniSoft’s advanced threat detection tools and technologies are implemented to continuously monitor your systems and networks, ensuring any suspicious activities are quickly identified and addressed. We mitigate the potential impact of any incidents and prevent them from causing significant damage to your operations.

In addition to detection, we will also work closely with you to develop a customized comprehensive incident response plan. These plans include custom tailored procedures for containing the attack, investigating the incident, and recovery. With our collaborative approach, we ensure you are well-prepared to respond to any cybersecurity incident effectively.

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