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Anisoft Group - Data Solutions

In addition to storage solution strategies, organizations need data solution strategies that leverage the available data within an organization. Delivering rapid, secure business insights uses data mining, analytics and data warehousing in a business intelligence solution, which is essential to providing systems with robust security around critical data while providing instant updates to the business.

How AniSoft Group Can Help

We have extensive experience designing systems to deliver performance in a secure environment. The complex requirements of data mining and analytics requires a strong understanding of the applications being used as well as the data being mined, captured and stored. We design infrastructure solutions to optimize performance for each unique business.

AniSoft has certified and technical resources that specialize in data infrastructure solutions. We can help organizations in the following areas:

  • Analytics Infrastructure
  • Storage & Server Infrastructure
  • Data Mining Infrastructure & Software
  • Business Intelligence Infrastructure & Software
  • Data Warehousing Infrastructure & Software