Data & Compute Solutions Integrating Best-of-Breed System Technologies.

Specialized expertise in on-premises, core, secure, resilient compute, storage, network and data solutions, including high-performance and hybrid IT data infrastructure.



A deep expertise with a flexible approach.

For over two decades AniSoft has stood out in the IT sector as a leader in innovative solutions for best-of-breed technology and modern infrastructure technology needs. Our customers rely on us for our depth of knowledge and our ability to create bespoke solutions. If you’re ready to up your game and work with a specialist rather than a one-size-fits all provider, contact us today.


Our team of certified professionals have the expertise to provide the right solution for your IT requirements.

Data Management

The most effective data management solutions are secure, scalable, and allow your organization to seamlessly access and process your data for better productivity and reduced latency.

Cyber Resilience & Data Security

Our enterprise applications solutions give you full control over all your business processes in real time and are fully scalable, customizable and integrate easily into existing systems.

Enterprise Application Infrastructure

AniSoft’s portfolio of security and data protection solutions includes robust data management, superior data and user monitoring and a host of professional services.

Disaster Recovery & Data Backup

AniSoft’s Backup, Recovery and Hybrid & IT solutions consist of updated technology and automated processes that not only help protect against a cyber event, but also help quickly recover mission critical business operations.

Enterprise Storage

AniSoft’s High Performance Solutions and AI leverage your data to identify patterns, develop predictive insights, and enable increasingly accurate autonomous systems.

Compute Servers

Performance, security, serviceability and lower operating costs. More enterprises than ever are running their core operations and analytical applications on IBM Power. One size doesn’t fit all. IBM Power servers deliver flexible IT and are available in a size to fit your organization’s structure and align with your business requirements.

Networking Technologies

AniSoft’s expertise in compute server products and solutions helps customers solve IT problems and delivers optimized infrastructure solutions, deep innovation and environmental sustainability.

Infrastructure Software

AniSoft’s infrastructure software solutions are critical components of any modern IT infrastructure, enabling organizations to manage and process large volumes of data and to provide scalable and reliable computing resources to support critical business operations.

Hybrid IT

AniSoft’s enterprise storage solutions meet today’s high-level computational needs while protecting against data loss due to disaster, failure or fraud. Transform and enhance your business with one of our comprehensive storage solutions that integrate and refresh your existing IT infrastructure, while reducing costs.

IBM Power Servers

AniSoft’s network solutions are designed to help organizations optimize their network infrastructure and improve overall network performance and reliability.

High Performance, Analytics & AI

Optimize your IT structure with a balanced traditional-IT and cloud-based solution. Anisoft’s complete range of best-in-breed infrastructure software products ensures your business runs smoothly and continuously.


Services and support you can depend on.

AniSoft’s expert services and support are an essential component of any IT infrastructure. Since 1997 our expertise and unparalleled service has ensured that our customers’ systems continually operate efficiently and effectively and that issues are quickly identified and resolved to minimize downtime and disruptions to the business.


We can provide your enterprise with the precise services you need including Strategic Planning; Solution Design; Implementation; Optimization; Expert Care, and Technology Infrastructure, Applications and Process Systems Assessments. Contact us today and see how our understanding of our customers’ needs has made us the provider of choice across Canada for businesses that depend on these technologies.

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