AniSoft’s complete Cyber Resilience and Data Security blueprint starts with a solid assessment of the cyber risks your business is most likely to experience, including internal threats from within your organization and external risks like data breaches and ransomware attacks. Our proven approach quickly restores critical business functions post-breach and utilizes attack intelligence to adapt and improve business functions and cyber capabilities.

Why Choose AniSoft

The ability to prevent, withstand and recover from cyber incidents.

Effective cyber security aims to prevent an attack, but the optimal solution should also give you the ability to maintain operations despite an incident. This added safeguard, cyber resilience, involves anticipating, withstanding, and recovering from adverse conditions and attacks. It’s effective and efficient and allows you to ensure the continuity of essential business functions during cyber incidents.

AniSoft Cyber Security and Resilience: The 5 Tactics

In today’s world, the expression “Act now before it’s too late” has never been more relevant. The inevitability of cyberattacks means preparation isn’t optional; it’s essential. AniSoft’s 5 key tactics will implement a robust framework within your organization to protect against immediate threats and prepare you for future challenges.


Cyber Resilience Evaluation: We thoroughly assess and evaluate your organization’s cyber resilience posture to identify vulnerabilities and risks across systems, networks, and data infrastructure and assist you with prioritizing your actions.


Recoverable data points: We will help you identify critical data points and set up immutable copies and backups to safeguard your data and protect your ability to recover rapidly from ransomware and other malicious attacks. Quickly recover your defined “minimum viable organization” to allow you to be functional after an attack in hours rather than weeks.


Detecting compromised defences: businesses should regularly scan their systems for malware
with up-to-date, industry-leading AI & software. In today’s threat environment, this must include
re-scanning backup copies to ensure your restored operations are clean and secure against the
reactivation of dormant malware in the backup copy. AniSoft can assist you with designing,
implementing, and administrating these to provide essential defence mechanisms against cyber


Rapid business recovery: AniSoft helps you restore data securely and rapidly, minimizing downtime and operational impact in the aftermath of an attack. This starts with standing up your “minimum viable company” operations within hours, then systematically restoring non-essential operations. An effective, proven response plan enables you to parallelize cyber recovery with an incident response or legal hold.


Seamlessly controlled: We provide a comprehensive blueprint that integrates Cyber Security and Cyber Resiliency to simplify operations and rapidly test and prove recoverability, safeguarding your assets, reputation, and future.

Next steps: Cyber Resilience Evaluation

Identifying your organization’s vulnerabilities and a prioritized list of improvements and recommendations are the logical next steps to safeguarding your operations. Contact us today for an evaluation on creating a customized Cyber Resiliency blueprint and solution for your business.

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