Services And Support

Since 1997, AniSoft has built a team of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals to deliver superior solutions, services and support to our customers. Our in-depth technical expertise and unparalleled service and support for industry leaders IBM, Lenovo, NetApp and NVIDIA and has made us the provider of choice for customers across Canada who build their businesses and depend on these technologies.

Strategic Planning

Anisoft has deep experience developing long-term plans for IT systems and infrastructure that support your organization’s overall strategy and goals. Our approach includes:

Business Needs Assessment: Understanding your organization’s goals and objectives, as well as its current IT capabilities and limitations.

Technology Assessment: Assessing the available technology solutions to support your needs and provide a competitive advantage.

Roadmap Development: Outlining a strategic plan for IT systems and infrastructure over a set period of time, usually 3 to 5 years.

Implementation: A phased approach, including setting priorities, allocating resources, and defining timelines for each phase of the implementation.

Data Capture and Analysis: Collecting and analyzing data on system performance, data storage statistics, user experience, and other key metrics to guide improvement and design.



Anisoft’s assessment services evaluate your organization’s technology infrastructure, applications, and processes to identify strengths and weaknesses and develop recommendations for improvements.

Hybrid IT: We evaluate your organization’s potential use of hybrid IT architecture, including the design of the system, the integration of on-premises and hybrid IT-based resources, and the scalability and availability of the system.

Security: A complete assessment of the security measures related to the hybrid IT system, including access controls, identity and access management, data protection measures, and threat detection and response capabilities.

Infrastructure performance: A holistic evaluation of your organization’s IT infrastructure performance, including hardware, software, and networking systems, and its optimization for hybrid IT use.

Disaster recovery and business continuity: Assessment and / or development of the disaster recovery and business continuity plans related to technology infrastructure to ensure they are comprehensive and effective.

Performance: Evaluating the effectiveness, reliability, and overall performance of an organization’s technology infrastructure, including hardware, software, networks, and systems.  Regular technology infrastructure performance assessments are essential to ensure optimal system performance, minimize downtime, and enhance security.


Solution Design

Optimize performance, scalability, and security, while minimizing cost. All work begins with requirements gathering.

Architecture design: We employ the right hardware, software, and networking components; define the data center architecture, and select the appropriate security measures.

Capacity planning: an expected workload analysis to ensure performance, scalability, and availability needs are met.

Network design: Design of the network topology, components and protocols.

Security design: Defining access controls, selecting authentication mechanisms, and identifying data protection measures.

Implementation planning: A comprehensive outline of the steps required to deploy the infrastructure solution.



Effective and efficient deployment of all systems.

Planning: Requirements for the new system, hardware, software,networking components, and project scope and timeline.

Installation: Hardware, software and configuration of the networking systems.

Testing: Workloads,response times and data transfer rates are checked to optimize performance, scalability, and security.

Integration: Seamless incorporation of new hardware, software, networks, and systems into an existing environment to ensure they work together efficiently and effectively.

Training: Users and administrators are trained on the use and management of the new system.

Transition support: Assisting with the smooth migration or upgrade to new infrastructure through training, documentation, and ongoing support.



Our optimization services improve the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of any new system or process to achieve better business results. Our monitoring, testing, and analytics provide insights into system performance and user behavior to improve productivity, reduce costs, and provide better experiences for your users and customers.

Data optimization: Data usage pattern analysis to optimize your data storage and retrieval processes.

Network optimization: Augment network performance, reduce downtime, and enhance security.

Infrastructure optimization: Enhancing technology systems for efficiency, performance, cost control and maximum value.


Proactive Care

Businesses don’t run on downtime and disruptions. Anisoft’s proactive care and support helps ensure that systems are operating efficiently and effectively, and that any issues are quickly identified and resolved to keep your business running at full capacity.


Our proactive care services can provide organizations with 24/7 electronic monitoring and alerting, data-driven guidance, and prescriptive insights to help maximize performance and security, identify infrastructure issues and anomalies, and mitigate negative impacts on system availability.

User account management

Software installation and tuning

Troubleshooting and issue resolution

OS and microcode patching and upgrades

Patch management

Process automation

Support and renewal management